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As a collaborator, I believe garden design is a partnership with my clients. It's a blend of dreaming and practical application.  Together, we develop great ways to use spaces, solve problems and create a beautiful place to come home to.   

​My business got off the ground in 2002 after completing my initial studies in Landscape Design. I chose this work because it was a lifelong learning opportunity - as nature and all its elements are constantly changing.  More importantly, I chose this business to work with and delight people.

When I'm not at visiting clients or digging in the dirt, you may find me teaching design, speaking to garden enthusiasts or leading garden tours.


I'm often asked how the company name was created. To me, the beauty of the landscape comes through many visual perspectives. The way light and wind moves through plants, especially trees, creates a unique dance of nature. Shadows that suddenly appear and change has always been transfixing to me. Those shapes and choreography were a magical inspiration.  

My Credentials:

  • Certified Landscape Designer

  • MA Certified Horticulturist

  • Advanced Certificate in Native Plant Studies, Native Plant Trust

  • Instructor

Cheryl Salatino

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